LR 5 vs LR 4 & photoshop elements

Started Jul 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
John Deerfield Senior Member • Posts: 2,797
Re: LR 5 vs LR 4 & photoshop elements

It seems LR does a lot of editing within the software. Do a lot of you find the same that you seldom open elements?

I suppose it depends on the individual, but yes, most of my editing is done within my Raw converter (I use Aperture). However, there are always those images that require something more than what Lightroom/Aperture can do (complicated selections & layer masks to name a couple) which means editing in an external app such as Elements. That said, I might say that the oldest version of PSE I would consider running is PSE v9. In v9 (and newer of course) Adobe added the quick layer mask icon to the layers palette. Huge time saver (for me anyway). There were always work arounds for creating a layer mask but they were simply several mouse clicks instead of just one.

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