14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

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Re: 14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

Krich13 wrote:

If 10-24 turns out optically good' you will take a heavy loss reselling the 14 mm.

I am waiting for 10-24 myself, but I'm somwhat pessimistic about its future price (27mm pancake price is outright ridiculous, hope that 's not a new trend for Fuji).

On the other hand' if it does turn out unreasonable' I would buy the Sigma 8-16 instead and adapt it. DOF is pretty much infinite there anyway, I'm not sure autofocus is even needed there (for most - not all) WA applications.

Even if the 10-24 is excellent it will still likely not be as good as the 14mm and the 14mm is also f2.8 which is important to some.  I'd be surprised if the 14mm isn't still in demand and holding it's value once the dust settles after the 10-24 is released.

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