A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

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Re: A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

David Mosby wrote:

Canon Rumors has passed on rumor that Canon may be preparing a larger than full frame DSLR.

For those with appropriate technical expertise, I have a question. Is it technically possible that such a camera could use existing EOS full-frame lenses?

Surely it would be possible to have a square sensor, larger than full frame. This would be ideal - you could still have in-camera cropping for other formats, for those who want them.

This is a common misconception. Many people think that full frame lenses could be used with a 36 x 36 mm sensor, because they are now also used with a 36 mm wide sensor. That is not true. A square sensor would have to be smaller than 36 x 36 mm (30 x 30 mm) in order to stay within the image circle of an full frame lens, so there's little advantage (if any) of a square sensor.

I explained that on my website some two years ago for a similar rumor about a Samsung larger-than-full-frame camera (that never materialized either):


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