14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

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Re: 14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

Krich13 wrote:

If 10-24 turns out optically good' you will take a heavy loss reselling the 14 mm.

Maybe. I doubt I'd lose more than $200 from what I paid. And I've had the lens since it came out, so I'd be OK with that - I've already gotten $200 worth of use from it. And there's a very good chance I'll keep it, with or without the 10-24...

I am waiting for 10-24 myself, but I'm somwhat pessimistic about its future price (27mm pancake price is outright ridiculous, hope that 's not a new trend for Fuji).

I'm somewhat pessimistic about both price and size/weight. If I end up not buying it, I'll just keep the 9-18 for my m43 system or possibly buy a Panasonic 7-14. The 10-24 is a bit wider than the 9-18, not quite as wide as the 7-14. But I prefer 3:2 (particularly for wide angle shooting - a narrower frame sort of defeats part of the purpose) and really love the Fuji colors for landscapes. So if the 10-24 works out, that would be nice.

On the other hand' if it does turn out unreasonable' I would buy the Sigma 8-16 instead and adapt it. DOF is pretty much infinite there anyway, I'm not sure autofocus is even needed there (for most - not all) WA applications.

No, I don't think manual focus would be an issue. Not sure what kind of correction would be needed with the Sigma thought - I'm assuming the Fuji would either be optically corrected or the Fuji bodies would do any software correction pretty seamlessly. That ease of use ends up meaning a fair amount to me...


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