Can I install Adobe CC trial without upsetting previous CS6?

Started Jul 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
Toermalijn Forum Pro • Posts: 14,912
Re: Some good news.

Phil Hill wrote:

Toermalijn wrote:

it has probably something to do with 3 versions of the creative suite or photoshop on 1 system. You can run at most 2 versions on a system. So cs6 and CC should be good to go!

My problem wasn’t with running three applications; it was getting CC to install. I was finally able to get it installed by following alternate instructions that I found at this link (should have looked there first before asking for tech support).

All three versions (CS5, CS6 and CC) appear to be working fine on the same PC. Five versions if you count both 32- and 64-bit of 5 and 6.

Most people have to call in to get the 2nd or 3rd version installed on the pc. Sometimes they have to reset the license.

What is known though is that it is not possible to run 2 versions at the same time, you can only run one at a time.

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