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Re: Article: sony nex7 over d800

Rob Sims wrote:

Oh no,

You may have opened the "I hate Trey Ratcliff" floodgates. I hope not.

Trey is a serious photographer and he doesn't do much sitting still. He's not averse to controversy, but I never get the sense that he creates it out of whole cloth in a desperate attempt to generate clicks (take note, Ken Rockwell).

You lose some things if you follow in his footsteps on that path, but two of them are bulk and weight.

He's clearly made some nice images with the NEX-7. He's offering Sony a passel of free advice on how to make a better-performing NEX camera. It will be interesting to see if they follow any of it.

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I also switched from Nikon to Sony NEX, and it was no light decision. Ultimately I'm happy with decision, although haven't had the heart to let go of my last Nikon body yet (D700) as that really would end a chapter (D50, D80, D90, D700). I've also kept hold of my favourite 3 lenses (50/1.4D, 85/1.8D, 25-70/2.8) as I can carry on using these on the NEX through a Lens Turbo adaptor.

There are however a few draw backs which he mentions in his article but I don't think he puts enough weight on.
1- There are no Full frame NEX cameras yet, they're all APS-C. Seems kind of obvious but if you're a Bokeh whore then just stick with your Nikon. The arrival of speed boasters and lens turbos (I have one if these) potentially disrupts that argument but I don't want open that can of worms here.
2- Lens selection is pitiful compared to Nikon's F-Mount.
3- Autofocus speed is still some way off from Nikon DSLRs so they're not yet suitable for the kind of photography which demands it (Eg. Fast sports...etc)

The advantages for me were just too overwhelming and as I said, I'm very happy with my switch. The switch has to some extent rekindled my love for photography - but I don't want to start up a flame war in a Nikon forum so I'd best leave it there!


I never see the point of a fx mirrerless NEX as most of the bulk of a d800 is the fx lenses, not the body. Imagine even a 24-70. 2.8 on a mirrorless.

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