Getting to the 500mm range without spending $10K+

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Re: Lesser gear is not a waste

joger wrote:

All conventional AF systems today have there shortcomings - I see no dramatic difference between them in my own and the results from others. Yes I do see a difference and convenience aspects but maybe I am too old to play with all those knobs and I don't want to change the AF clusters in my camera constantly to fine tune them to my current task.

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So, instead of changing the AF clusters (pointless in your camera, but you could easily buy the much better 5D3) which you would find burdensome, you prefer to lug around a tripod the size of a small horse with a ballhead, gimbals, olives vines and citrus fruit and make it much easier for yourself...


The focus and the sharpness of the horse picture is brilliant, BUT there is colourful out of focus stuff which detracts from the picture. So, it's NOT technically brialliant. Instead of being obsessed with the ultimate sharpness, look for that kind of stuff and eliminate it..

Oh and trade in the 5D2 and get a 5D3 or a 1Dx or any camera that doesn't have an antedeluvian autofocus system..

as you alway add, yourself

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