Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Not sure this is true

I purchased an S100 for my daughter to take on an overseas trip in 2011, just after the S100 was released. All good so far. Then this year she takes it overseas again and the lens gets stuck in Spain en route to Morocco. Nothing will make the camera recover from the jammed lens and nowhere to get quick repairs done.
Had I known about this fault I would have had it serviced. I own 4 high end Canon cameras and a dozen L lenses. I generally keep track of what's going on in the camera world, but had no idea that this fault was at large. I'll be quizzing Canon Australia tomorrow on the action taken to notify purchasers of the fault or potential fault. Quite frankly I think its pretty shabby, and its hardly sufficient for Canon to say when it breaks we'll fix it, if it has a potential fault the unit was sufficiently expensive when new to be recalled.

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