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Re: 7DII price can equal 6D price

I would think Canon will include everything they did in the original 7D (including firmware update) in the 7DII, plus some of the new features and capabilities from both the 70D and the 5D3. Question is, how far will they go with the new items and at what price.

The 70D feature list looks pretty good for its price point. That might offer some clues regarding a likely 7DII spec. and feature list.

I think the main differences would be something like:

1. FPS at least 8, and possibly more if they keep the MP below 24.

2. Articulating LCD screen. Will they continue to withhold it for Pro Build robustness reasons?

3. AF system. How many points, spread, and accuracy. Downsized 5D3 like, perhaps?

4. Metering system upgrade.

5. It will need latest top notch processing power for 1, 3 and 4 above.

6. And what else could they include for the sensor if they use the one in the 70D? This may revolve around processing power.

7. Pro like body robustness, sealing, and more quick access dials and switches. All this could possibly mean it does not get the articulated LCD or Wifi/GPS.

Lets face it, the existing 7D is a decent camera already and the 70D is packing a nice list of features for its price. If Canon does follow thru in the next 6 months with a 7D2, I would think the features and specs. would command at least another $400 or $500 over the 70D. That would put it in the $1700 range. I think anything over $2000 would make it more (possibly too much so) of a niche camera, even if it turns out to be a 1.6x Mini 1DX of sorts.

If the high ISO really improves and the files are noticeably lower in noise, it could be the go-to affordable sports and wildlife cam (which just happens to be good in other areas too) for the next few years. Sound familiar?

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