Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

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Re: Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

jtan163 wrote:

REShultz wrote:

Sites like 500px (front page, take a look!) are full of HDR photography. It nearly always looks cooked and in some cases ruins perfectly good pictures.

I've not seen it yet but I do read occasionally on forums that it can be "done right" or tastefully. It'd difficult to believe that a skillfully exposed image with a good camera can be improved upon with this technique, but I'd like to see some attempts.

This guy is pretty good.

Interesting. Good photographer and really good skills composition wise. Many of these look a bit too cooked IMHO, some others (like a few from Venice) look better.

I'd like to see these pics in the non-HDR version. They would be very good!

I think he's done magazines and things.

Note - I think for some people mainly other photographers, HDR will always looked cooked simply because subconsciously they know an certain image can only have so much DR, so when they see one that obviously exceeds the possible DR, their head says "fake!".

Very good point!

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