Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

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Re: Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

kgbruce01 wrote:

Your experience is obviously very limited if sites like 500px are your only source with which you lay your judgement. That's like saying all pizza is bad because you ate Papa Johns.

REShultz wrote:

Sites like 500px (front page, take a look!) are full of HDR photography. It nearly always looks cooked and in some cases ruins perfectly good pictures.

I've not seen it yet but I do read occasionally on forums that it can be "done right" or tastefully. It'd difficult to believe that a skillfully exposed image with a good camera can be improved upon with this technique, but I'd like to see some attempts.

I'm not surprised you have such difficulty, as your level of exposure to the technique is so limited. If you take a little more initiative and do more research, you will be able to make your own informed judgement. If you scan a few photography forums and focus in on the overlytonemapped images and say'this is HDr', you are only fooling yourself.

Chances are you have seen dozens and dozens of 'HDR' photographs and didn't even know it, because they weren't tone mapped to death.

Good luck with your continued research so that you may discuss it from a position of knowledge, rather than your current position.

Guess we got off on the wrong foot. Well, in any case, I asked in order to confirm my suspicions or to move beyond my ignorance.

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