Advice on the lighting set up

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Re: Advice on the lighting set up

DotCom Editor wrote:

Omaarsl wrote:

Kind of hard to make a recommendation from the meager information you provided.

Not around here it isn't.

First, get an AB800,stand, battery pack,soft box and umbrella or two. Then take some bad pictures. Then come back and ask for help. You'll be told that you can do great photos with only one light and good technique and skills.

Dont believe it.

You should then order two or three more lights, with more power, and more soft boxes and a beauty dish. Better get another battery. Then take much brighter bad pictures. Come back and ask why, get told 6-7 different things to try. Try them with mixed results and feel bad for spending so much money.

Go back to one light, actually practice for a few weekends, and start making good pictures with an actual understanding of what is going on. Repeat.

Good luck.

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