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Re: "Giant step for mankind"

CharlesB58 wrote:

I guess I'll play Simon Cowell here.

This doesn't work for me. The foreground objects doing the framing are in too sharp of focus. They distract from the couple, leaving me wondering which is the subject. The rest of the people: I see a lot of backs and no clear faces. All in all, the people are too small to maintain my interest. The idea is a good one, but I feel it simply is not well executed. Conceptually, I'm struggling with why the bride and groom are framed by a pair of what I'm told are feet. If not for the explanation, I'd have just wondered what sort of sculpture you were hiding behind to take what appears to be a paparazzi type, surreptitious photo of the wedding.


Thank you for your C&C; your effort to look the other way and behave as a catalyst, is brave, and provoking; I think you have introduced an additional element of mistery and controversy into the image but it was worthwile posting, even if it had achieved nothing else (or even if it did not make any difference in your life).

When we take pictures in public of the public, unless we ask for permission, are we not all guilty of being labled paparazzi types? and what is so wrong about that, is it for profit or to cause social harm to the subject?; those are not my intentions, for me it is a fun activity.
Does a picture showing people in it, have to show faces and do those faces have to be acutely and technically sharp?; No, that would not be my opinion, and I do enjoy a sharply executed capture.

To give you further insight to the occasion, might help:
I was intent on taking a picture of this famous sculpture (one of many in the world); it is 2 pieces, 12x12 feet and 3tons approx; as I jockeyed around I saw the people (actually several separate groups) and I decided to incorporate what I could see thru the EVF into my image, to add a bit of interest, a catalyst so to speak.

The huge structure suggested a human-foot and was probably what the sculptor intended to convey, as he was inspired by the qualities of "bone fragments".

The idea of a framework using the sculpture emerged even better in the cropping stage because I lost the top of the sculpture in the original takes, and the people figures appeared too small.

In the final crop, this framework presented to me, an image of strength and mistery, especially with the type of celebrations within radius and hence the title.

I am receptive to additional constructive suggestions, for better future captures and I appreciate your comments.


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