Getting to the 500mm range without spending $10K+

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Re: "Poor Man's Image Stabilization"

TB Rich wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

I'll almost always shoot off a burst and then cherry pick the sharpest one (there's invariably one that's sharpest!).

Do you use AI servo, or just one shot AF

AI Servo. However, it's implemented differently depending on the subject being photographed. I use back-button AF exclusively, so sometimes the AF is "locked" on the subject for the duration of the burst, and sometimes I'm still engaging the AF during the burst.

& literally spray and pray(!) assuming that 1 of the barrage of shots is at a moment when the camera is at its stillest?

That's exactly the principle at work here.  I've shot with my 400 f5.6L (with confidence) down to 1/40 sec unsupported using this method.  Like I said, I gain about 2 stops over my single shot (unsupported) capability.

Here's one I've got in my gallery of a moving duck (AI Servo engaged during the burst) shot at 1/80 second handheld (best viewed at "original" size)...

Give it a whirl, it really works!


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