Is there a mac in Apple's current lineup where RAM and HARD DRIVE are easy to access and replace?

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Re: Is there a mac in Apple's current lineup where RAM and HARD DRIVE are easy to ... replace?

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I need a mac with RAID 1 if possible (but I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist), where I can quickly start work again if a hard drive fails, just pull out, put a new one in and copy my date onto the new one with a backup.

But who said you had to use internal drives, especially if you're talking about a desktop, and your goal is to make hard drives as easy to replace as possible without Apple's help? All current Macs except the Mac Pro have Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports.

Exactly, aren't external drives ultimately the easiest ones to replace?

The Mac Pro has the easiest drives I've ever replaced. You pull the lever and pop off the back, you slide out the drive, you swap the bracket and slide in the new one. Give me 60 seconds and it's done.

And something that works, mechanically, like a Drobo would be even faster. Now, don't get me wrong, the internal drive system in a Mac Pro is really great. My point is that anything external by definition has perfect accessibility in the sense that you just have to unplug a cable or two. Now, there are things like power supply, cooling, that external cable, etc. that can make things more complicated with external devices and the more compact anything is, the more disadvantageous externalising components is.

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