Shooting Food On All White Background

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Re: Shooting Food On All White Background

You have options.  Just depends on how YOU want or need to go about it.

If your shooting straight down on the food, using  frosted plexi may be another consideration.  You can take a light from underneath and the make the frosted plexi appear white.

Depending how "deep" the food is, getting white formica is not as hard to make white as say someone standing a few feet away from a white wall or seamless.  I mean, we're talking inches here so you have to think in terms of "depth of light".  And perhaps it doesn't have to be "pure" white.  Sometimes a "shade" of white works just as well.

Also, don't be afraid to clean it up in post.  I'm sure most of the food will have pretty hard edges so selecting the background area in PS and increasing the brightness with Curves or Levels is a real simple fix.

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