Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Re: OP is useless speculation

telefunk wrote:

Agreed. Not all parameters were the same, but the night was dark, the LX5 was content with 400iso... do you need to split hairs endlessly?

The point I'm trying to make, or find out what is going on, is in the title of this thread;;;;

Actually, those hairs people are splitting as you call it is what it is all about. Especially at night even a little change could make a great difference.

I get the feeling that you weren't asking a question in the title of this thread, as you don't seem to be open to any answers. Any camera has good and bad sides, for example nex7 shines when it comes to dynamic range, when it comes to high iso, it's still quite good, but not exceptionally so.

If you would shoot nex7 with a decent fast lens, for example the sel50 or sel35 or one of the zeiss lenses or a vintage lens and keep it down to say iso 400, it would give much much better results at night. I did just that many times and can speak from experience.

Here is the answer: if you are not willing to put a little work towards getting the best of ANY camera, then why whine that it doesn't outperform another one? It seems like the lx5 had the best focal length for you and performed quite well, why not go for the same type of camera? Apparently the nexes aren't your cup of tea. If you would be willing to put some effort into this, for example taking a look at different lenses at different speeds, then I'm sure you would come to very different end results.

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