So why do newbie photogs expect to make money?

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Re: Two questions for you

walkaround wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I'm confused...I don't know anyone beyond HS that thinks you just succeed because you want to, and I've never met anyone that likes (or plans) to fail.

Yet we see newbie photogs of all types that just assume I guess, that because they exist they'll be successful. Crowds with fistful of dollars will be lining up overnight. Accolades will come, long established pros will fold up shop and bow to the new blood's creativity and fashion.

So why the, well, arrogance I guess you could call it, with folks that often just bought a 'good camera' or had some friend say nice things about a picture.

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Why do you care?

And more impotantly, why is a dpreview mod starting a flame bait thread?

Why?  Look at all the responses.  More responses.  More eyes.  More eyes. More people see advertising.

Hey, YOU chimed in.  So it caught your attention as well. So...

Plus it's fun!  

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