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Of course, if you say so...

Rick Knepper wrote:

olyflyer wrote:'s the return policy. People buy stuff for fun and use the return policy to return before the time is over. Don't blame Nikon for this. That's why I never buy cameras from shops which allow that kind of behavior.

You are mixing up happenstances to start with. This is a refurb. The expectation that it has been used by another person should be a given.

Refurb = second hand. Period. Refurb in reality means someone bought it, returned it and the shop checked and cleaned the camera, polished a bit so it looks good. Has NOTHING to do with Nikon, to blame Nikon for the fact that a returned camera has over 2k shuuet count is stupid. If you buy such camera you should not be surprised if it has over 2k shutter actuation in it.

Return policies help these retailers stay in business.

...well, you get what you deserve then. Second hand cameras. Never the less, as long as the buyer agree with the terms and is aware of the risks it is fine with me.

Tell us. Who do you buy from that does not have a return policy because I want to make sure I never buy from them.

I buy my gear in Sweden, where I live, so it is not likely you ever buy from "my" shop anyway, but here is the link to it:

Excellent service, knowledgeable people, no return policy unless the box is unopened and the gear is unused. They are doing just fine without you, one of the largest camera shop in Scandinavia.

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