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Re: "Poor Man's Image Stabilization"

Oh no not at all, I'm a rank amateur asking to learn! Often I do fire a couple off but using differing shutter button presses so AF changes each time. Using a burst on a single press would keep the AF point locked. So I was just wondering really if this technique may be a better method. Only one way to tell is to try of course, though I don't shoot landscape really but was thinking about doing some tomorrow for a change.

One of the points about autofocus is that it is inconsistent. Every time the camera focuses on a particular target there is a degree of variation. So taking several shots of something where you can, is a good idea. Liveview is more accurate esp with magnification. Stopping down of course also helps. If you are someone like Joger, and he can't help being the way he is, that's his nature, you can get so obsessed about ultimate sharpness that you forget to take action shots like this (my future son-in-law in a river swim today)..

It's sharp enough but that's not at all what attracts me to it. It's the splash..

Of course I can't repeat this exact shot, but I shot lots. Don't forget to take photographs. That's what gear is for. I take a lot of shots which I would regard as slightly off as regards focus or sharpness or even exposure which other people rate highly, bless them, so do not allow perfection to interfere with function.

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