Any news on a D800 update?

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Re: Any news on a D800 update?

Robin Casady wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

Based on history, 800s in march 14...

What history? There was no D700s. Check the Nikon DSLR timeline.

I suspect Nikon only does an "s" version when the following things occur:

  • Some aspect of the camera makes it less than competitive with the latest Canon.
  • Technology has become available to improve that aspect.
  • The technology can be implemented without massive redesign and testing.
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I was considering the nikon pro gear timescales, as i look at the d700 as somewhat an anomaly (nikons first affordable fx using d3 sensor) however i suspect your point about cannon is very relevant, however an s update will increase sales, keep perception of a newer product and allow them to bump the price.

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