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Re: "Poor Man's Image Stabilization"

schmegg wrote:

TB Rich wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

I'll almost always shoot off a burst and then cherry pick the sharpest one (there's invariably one that's sharpest!).

Do you use AI servo, or just one shot AF & literally spray and pray(!) assuming that 1 of the barrage of shots is at a moment when the camera is at its stillest?

AI servo is for subject that are moving. Normally, landscapes are fairly static.

I realised that after I posted, thought it could even be MF if going hyper-focal.

"Spray and Pray" sounds so derogatory. I'm sure it's not how you meant it. There are times when that technique may yield a keeper when just one shot wouldn't.

Is employing that technique a bad thing? Surely if you get the shot you were after, when just one attempt might have missed it, is only a sensible approach.

Oh no not at all, I'm a rank amateur asking to learn! Often I do fire a couple off but using differing shutter button presses so AF changes each time. Using a burst on a single press would keep the AF point locked. So I was just wondering really if this technique may be a better method. Only one way to tell is to try of course, though I don't shoot landscape really but was thinking about doing some tomorrow for a change.

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