D600 max shutter speed confusion

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Re: D600 max shutter speed confusion

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Thanks guys for the answers. I realize now that it is little more complex than I initially envisaged..

The practical implications are not that complicated. If you find you hit your 1/4000s limit at 100 ISO, and you can over-expose up to a stop (in Raw) and still recover as much image as you do do by changing the ISO to 50.

This usually happens when you are using a fast lens wide open. Try overexposing by a stop, take a test shot and see if the highlights are blown.

Or get a ND filter.

For some people (like The Strobist), the real problem with the D600 is the 1/200 as the maximum flash sync speed...

I used to push the sync speed on past cameras. the rear curtain timing had different effects (intrusion) on them all. If you know where the intrusion is and can work around it, great.

I just came back from doing a wedding.. mixed with daylight and used the 1/60th sync (in unusually bright sunshine conditions) without much trouble..

before I put the stuff away I'll try it against a plain wall and take two exposures at 1/200 and 1/250 Let's see the reality lies shall we?; where the intrusion is (and how much)

That said; the fact that you can take essentially the same photo at 1/8000th at f1.4 with ISO 200 on a D700 but 1/4000th at f1.4 with ISO 100 still does not give you the option of 1/8000th on a D600. Fact. Using  the Lo setting. psuedo ISO 50 may be ok if the contrast is not to high.

Still for my work with limited power options on my studio lights.. ISO 100 gives me another stop of light control than the D700 I had in the past...

I'd like 1/32 or even 1/64th power but I can't afford/justify them presently

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