nikon 10-24 or tokina 11-16 for D7100

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Re: Tokina 11-16

I already posted a bunch of comparison pics in another thread.  Here are some more.

full pic 1

full pic 2


I already posted a bunch of pics in the other thread and I can probably keep going all day (except I'm leaving to golf here in a minute).  All pictures taken with the same technique:  tripod, shutter delay response + 5 second timer (because D5100 doesn't have true mirror lock up).  When I got the 35mm f1.8g I went out and tested it right away and saw a noticeable improvement (compared to 18-55 both at 35mm and a landscape type f stop).  I was floored doing these tests because I had my mind made up I would buy the 10-24 if it was just a smidge better in the 18-24mm range.  This 10 day rental has scared me off quite a bit.  I might rent another (different company) just to give it another try and let it go head to head with the Tokina 12-28 that's current in my possession.

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