Fuji X-E1 for a novice

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Re: Fuji X-E1 for a novice

tomtek1221 wrote:

My neighbor has very little experience with photography. He is retired and travels a lot. He uses a point and shoot old Panasonic. He wants an interchangeable lens camera for travel. He loves landscapes the most. Would a Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55mm and the 14mm work for him. He is a jpeg shooter only and does not intend to print over 6x10. What do you think?

The X-E1 (I've got one) is quite able to function in fully automatic mode, but even so I would not suggest it for anyone who doesn't want to bother with learning a bit about photography. It's an expensive way to get a camera with limited P&S facilities.

Why should someone who is not interested in making big prints or serious cropping pay two or three times the price of a decent P&S? And that's before you add in the price of the 14mm. For most happy snappers nowadays I'd say that a reasonably long zoom (6x or a bit more) and face recognition are two of the main features. This guy loves landscapes, but what else does he shoot?

Over the years I've had a lot of people ask the 'which camera?' question and I have hardly ever found that my favourite camera of the moment was a match to their needs.

First key question is 'why does he want interchangeable lenses?' What can't he do now that interchangeable lenses would allow him to do?

Does he really need a serious wide angle? Admittedly that is the weak area with most built-in zooms but many landscape photographers say that using a super-wide just results in broad sweeps of nothing. It takes skill and practice to get the most out of a lens like that.

If he really needs interchangeable lenses I'd point him at micro 4/3. They are quite good enough technically for his needs, are generally cheaper than Fuji and have a fairly broad choice of lenses.

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