New info for the E-7...can you say mirrorless ?

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Re: m4/3rds adapter will be a hinderance

rovingtim wrote:

First of all, there are rumours of the 'pro' camera not needing an adapter. Two ways to do this: 1) have a built in extension or 2) move the sensor internally.

But even if the rumour is not true, a well built adapter will be same as if the camera had the 4/3rds register distance built in. All it has to do is provide the correct registration distance for the 4/3rds lenses while keeping the necessary electronic connections. Nothing is lost.

Correction - little is lost.

If your using light small lenses this may be true.  But if you are using larger heavier 4/3 lenses, the loss will be magnified. If you want to use either EC-14, EC-20, or EX-25, and an adapter to micro then now you have three mechanical fits between your lens and the camera body.  These have tolerance and movement.  The negligible amount of inaccuracy of one fit with a light lens is now greater and taken to the third power.  To make matters worse, in this case the micro 4/3 mount is smaller and weaker and the bodies are not as rigid as a larger pro camera body built for heavy duty.

This is my primary objection to going micro.

Otherwise, I will love the small compactness.  When the EVF is larger and good resolution as the newest one probably is (I haven't personally tried it), and they get CAF tracking to work well as the E-5, and there are some more respectable zooms for m4/3, then I will be in line too.

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