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Moderator introduction

I saw some of the mods do this in the other forum, so, here goes.

I'm Joseph, and they made me the moderator of this forum a few days ago. I've been a 3D fanatic for decades. I've owned Realists and Kodak stereo cameras, and a Nimslo lenticular camera, know how to mount a Realist format slide and used to show them at the Detroit Steographic Society. I've also shot holograms. I collect Holmes cards, lenticular postcards, and holograms. I'm also a pretty good hand with a slide-bar, or a chacha.

I've also taught classes on 3D macro, 3D still life, and 3D figure photography. That last one, a workshop at MPW, was, I believe, the only 3D figure workshop in the world.

And, I'm the author of the on-again off-again image processing program called mImage, which one or two of you have beta tested. I will not be plugging either my software or my workshops in this forum: I mention them only in the interest of full disclosure.

I'll try to balance two ideas in my moderation.

  • That free speech is a good thing, and that moderation should be very light.
  • That everyone has a right to civil discussion in a forum where no person, picture, product, precept, or principle should ever be referred to in derogatory or profane terms. Leave your fight-face at the door.

These things sometimes conflict with each other, and some days I may not strike the right balance. I am, after all, only human (Arguments to the contrary aside). Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or just to let me know if you think I'm doing a good job.

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Armenian genocide survivor, amazing cook, scrabble master, and loving grandmother. You will be missed.
Ciao! Joseph

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