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Re: Without a tripod?

LincolnB wrote:

Thanks, I looked at Winogrand's stuff a bit. All of his night shots look like they're done with flash. I'll look up Feininger also, thanks.

Yep, Winogrand did use flash at night. Feininger probably used a tripod at least some of the time. I guess I should've been clearer about what I was getting at...imagine Winogrand using his daytime approach but at 3am at ISO 25600 or higher. Current tech makes that possible for anyone who finds the approach appealing or at least worth checking out.

About 10 years ago I saw an exhibit of Winogrand photos, color stuff from the early 1960s, at the ICP in New York. Some of the photos were printed very large. From a purely technical standpoint they were at a level that would make many participants in this forum turn pale with horror. But they had a vibe to them that just worked.

For the most part I'm actually not a huge fan of Winogrand's photography, but I love the way he photographed. If that makes sense.

I do a fair amount of shooting in the dead of night. I'm on record as being perfectly okay with photos that are not technically brilliant. And I'm not against doing stuff the hard way. That said, I don't generally like to wander around at night without at least a tripod or flash or both.

Do what works for you, of course!  


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