ACR clarity - what does it do? How to achieve in other RAW tools?

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Re: Try Topaz Clarity - nt

Now you got i!!!! The clarity slider is a convenient little tool to add a bit of contrast to the midtones only--- quickly,  and with little effort.    As I  have mentioned --a mask is created on the fly, to protect the highlights and shadows,. .. Same thing iis true for the shadows adjustment in ACR and Lightrroom. The shadows area adjusted, and a mask  is created, to protect the rest of the image

When I first learned this- it was kind of a "wow" moment. I imagine in the future, we will be seeing more and more of this.

Seems to me , the adjustment brush in Lightroom and ACVR operates the same way, but I have never seen it stated anywhere,.. --

Actually there is a tool similar    to Clarity in Photoshop. It is in CS 6,--I 'n not sure in which version it was added. Go to"image adjust/shadow/hightlghts.

Click the show more options box .Just move the midtone contrast slider. I prefer to use the clarity slider in ACR ofr Lightroom, as it is non destructive, and performs the adjustment on the raw file.

Most of the other suggestions in this thread make the adjustment globally--- I don't know how clarity works in non Adobe software..


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