D600 max shutter speed confusion

Started Jul 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
golf1982 Contributing Member • Posts: 744
Re: D600 max shutter speed confusion

My understanding is that shooting Raw, there is little benefit to shooting 50 over 100. Like the higher ISOs, the "sensitivity" is extended artificially. So if you are clipping highlights at 100, the same highlights are clipped at 50, the exposure is just adjusted after capture to look like 50.

If shooting JPG, there might be some advantage, as the extra bits of a RAW image are mapped to the 8 bit gamut of a JPG, and more highlight detail may be preserved (though the clipping point will presumably remain)

I am not sure, however in my understanding iso 50 worked the same as any other setting however iso 100 provides best dr, and very clean images. I did see a test somewhere that showed loss of dr at iso 50 in a d800, but marginally cleaner images.

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