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Re: Lesser gear is not a waste

schmegg wrote:

Sharpness is only one factor in making a compelling image though.

It strikes me as ironic that you consider stitching multiple exposures to make up an image to be perfectly OK but could be "shocked" that someone might wish to combine multiple images in a different way.


And your point that more IS "does not harm" can equally be applied to AF performance!

You seem to think that if a feature or compromise is not valid for you personally, then it is simple not valid at all. You are wrong about this my friend.

you interpret far too much in my postings - far too much.

stitching four or five individual carefully focussed images from tripod with MLU and IR remote release introduces no mirror slap => thus the least possible amount of unsharp pixels caused by camera movement.

I am absolutely consistent in my thinking here.

I have no problem with whatsoever technique if it brings advantages. A burst of several images at maximum fps rate with the mirror going up and down must introduce some vibration - simply due the the mass the mirror has - even with IS you might get still some unsharpness on pixel level if the shutter speed slows down. Using a higher ISO can overcome this but reduces image quality too.

All that said a good composition is the key and even a technically mediocre image can be an outstanding piece of art.

We are talking here about technical aspects and not art - at least that's always been my understanding in a gear forum.

IS can hardly be compensated by any technique since your individual "hand vibration" is something that normally can not be reduced - though I've heard that some pottery painters drink one or two schnaps to get a more steady hands

Better AF speed and accuracy does not harm as well but you can work without it and get a similar level of image sharpness - but a lower keeper rate - which is in today's world not an issue any more - just delete these images and concentrate on the good ones - camera shaking is present in almost every image and thus the keeper rate can be near zero (if your quality tolerance is low)

I am personally planning to buy a 7D II if it has an all new AF system that exceeds today's standards dramatically - I'd want live on sensor AF - which the 70D offers in live view - imagine that AF system in a high res 7D successor with > 10 fps

You can quote me once the 7D successor or something similar I've described is released

As long as the AF is not done on the sensor it will always have flaws especially the calibration is something that never seems to work proper enough - now combine the idea of an on sensor AF with image recognition and the possibility to tel the camera on which part of the image you would like to focus.

Now that would be stunning - wouldn't it? And you would have millions of AF points.

So let's assume you photograph a jumping horse and you would be able to tell the camera please focus on the eyes of the horse and you just pan the camera and press the shutter and you see in the EVF an indicator that prompts the eyes and follows them and you just photograph and decide upon your instincts how to frame the image - wouldn't that be great?

Until then I work with whatever is available and I am happy with all incarnations because all of them are not what i'd like to have - this is not about me - this is about the ease of usage. surely new AF systems get better and better - but all of them have their shortcomings by they ways they work.

Would I buy an optically similar lens because of an improved IS - probably not - would I buy a camera with a physically different live view AF system - surely yes - especially if I could get rid of the mirror slap and still have high speed AF.

Coming back to tele lenses - I see IS and optical image quality technically spoken very important - AF is something that needs different cameras then today's standard to make a bigger leap forward - with the 70D sensor technology I see a very big potential leap for that to happen rather soon.

And then every image has the focus spot on - if the lens focus motor is capable enough to follow the camera instructions precisely.

All technically and not artistically spoken - the camera division leader from Canon said that the 7D successor would be something revolutionary rather then something evolutionary.

Let's cross fingers

my image from the Pfingstturnier in Wiesbaden wit AF in panning mode - luck that the AF is spot on

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