Best low-light camera today?

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Re: Best low-light camera today?

KennyXL wrote:

Krishna Das wrote:

Is there a better low-light camera than the D800?

I have D800E but curious about something better...

From what I understand, the D4, D600, and the Canon 5DMIII (don't know about the Canon 1D X), are all better in low light. At base ISO, I hear the D800/E trumps them all.

I've just had a look at the high-ISO comparisons on the D600 review, and I'd say it's pretty marginal between the four, with the D4 marginally ahead above ISO 6400 - although it's lower resolution.  The D800 looks slightly noisier, but it's higher resolution.  I downloaded the ISO 6400 test images for D800 and D600, down-sampled both to the same size, and the noise was pretty similar.

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I believe d4 dynamic range holds up better than d800 at higher ISP values. That said the d800 is no slouch!!

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