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Re: Lesser gear is not a waste

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I have picked up some good technique and fieldcraft with the Canon 400mm f/5.6L, which provides high IQ at a relatively low price. Eventually I may get one of the Big Whites.

there are numerous people in most forums that can't get decent photos with the latest and greatest and utmost gear - at the end of the day it is always a question of mastering your gear the the shortcomings of it and of learning from others.

Even the best and latest technology and AF won't help you if you don't anticipate what's happening or if you just rely on the fancy technology.

Last weekend I've met a photographer shooting bursts of five shots for ever single (Landscape) shot with the explanation that photomatix calculates one image out of the five and that is the best technique to shoot - I was literally shocked by that point of view - but who knows - maybe I am wrong - I prefer one good image instead of maybe one good out of five

IS and AF are IMHO highly overrated when it comes to cameras. IS is more helpful then the AF - a slightly poorer AF can be overcome by good craftsmanship but a missing IS can't be compensated that much and even with 1/(focal length) exposure time a very high number of images get unsharp. I've tested that with my hands and on my 5D II I need (with my hands without IS) roughly 1/[2x(focal length)] to be 100 % sure to have on pixel level no unsharpness caused by camera shake (hand held)

With IS the same perceived keeper rate is possible at 1/[0,5x(focal length)] - so in other words for me it's an advantage of >4 stops - of course as long as the subject is not moving too fast.

AF is not an issue for me with the possibility of live view and spot AF with one cross type AF in the middle of the frame plus reframing.

A very narrow-minded diatribe.

There are very valid reasons why 5 exposures blended may be superior to one. Likewise, AF performance is very important in certain situation.

I think you might just be attempting to apply your particular use case to everyone else - a big mistake.

camera shake by the mirror slap is a relatively huge issue with my 5D II - only the mirror up and down causes (in my hands) unsharp images - I have limited experience with a 7D in burst mode and the probably smaller mirror, but I would imagine a 7D in 8 fps mode with a burst of 5 images leads to serious camera vibration. Tow or three frames (one slow after the other) of the same scene are surely better - but I do not work in that style.

I think you can cluster use cases and for landscape photography I see tripod + MLU + IR emote release as the perfect way to get he utmost sharpness in an image.

Sharpness is only one factor in making a compelling image though.

It strikes me as ironic that you consider stitching multiple exposures to make up an image to be perfectly OK but could be "shocked" that someone might wish to combine multiple images in a different way.

As I said, there are valid reasons why someone might wish to do this - just as valid as the reasoning behind your adoption of stitching images.

For sports and action the situation is surely different. When you can't use a tripod and the scene is fast and with lots of movements a short shutter time plus a good IS is key to get a decent sharp image. Below 1/[0,5x(focal length)] IS might not play that important role any more but it does not harm too

Yep. Different situations mean different capabilities might/will have different importances. You should know this - but your diatribe seemed to dismiss it.

And your point that more IS "does not harm" can equally be applied to AF performance!

You seem to think that if a feature or compromise is not valid for you personally, then it is simple not valid at all. You are wrong about this my friend.

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