Replacing Lost Boot Disk ???

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Re: Final Update: Project Completed Successfully

Jim F wrote:

Fresh clean re-install and cloned everything back via Migration Assistant. Recovery partition (10.8.4) created during the install (thunderous applause). All is well in the kingdom. So-called Minimal OS X recovery USB disk also created.

Thanks all for your input. By the way, I chose the complete 10.8 download and clean install rather than just an overlay of the OS. Maybe that's a lot more work than necessary, but I didn't think it would be much more time consuming to do a fresh install and I wanted to see how that and the Migration Assistant function worked. One thing I noticed right away is that the new Solid State HD (from OWC) installed just yesterday runs a lot faster after the OS fresh reinstall. Maybe some junk that slowed things down got discarded along the way.

Glad all is sorted, and I agree, I nearly always do an erase, full install and SetupAssistant migration in preference to a straight clone, for anything other than a simple backup. It sounds drastic and a lot of hassle but it really isn't.

I assume you used Setup Assistant if you did it at the end of the install. Setup Assistant is much better than Migration Assistant which can cause UUID and ownership problems. SA looks identical to MA but is only available at the end of an install.

Now you've got your RP back are you going to use CCC to have it on your backups too?

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