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Re: Absolute utter nonsense.

If I were you I would send email to B&H with your evidence of the high shutter count and your request for a refund or exchange ASAP. I would do this before going off on a free "loaner" shooting spree. Although B&H CS is great the last thing you want is for a misunderstanding that those high shutter counts were from you, violating the 200 shutter count limit on the return policy. That would be awkward.

Water Ouzel wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

You are mixing up happenstances to start with. This is a refurb. The expectation that it has been used by another person should be a given.

Just to clarify. The subject of the top post, the D800e that B&H shipped to me today, was priced and sold NEW with the NEW USA warranty. Essentially, though, it is a refurb of some some ilk, but it was certainly bought and shipped as new.

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