nikon 10-24 or tokina 11-16 for D7100

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The Tokina does flare, and the flare is not only obvious, it covers a large area, so difficult to hide with post processing.

The Sigma 8-16 has one very bright comet--not seen in the test shots I posted, when the sun is closer to the center of frame. But that is quite small, and I am usually able to clone it out easily. This is much better than the flare of the Tokina or even of the Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6, in which the flare comet is not bad, but diffuse flare degrades a large area around it.

The 14-24 has big flare problems, so I still carry the 8-16 with me with D800 in case...

IIRC the Nikon 10-24 has very good flare resistance.

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