So why do newbie photogs expect to make money?

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Re: So why do newbie photogs expect to make money?

I always try to see both sides.  Since day one everyone was a newbie at one time or another.  We all had to start somewhere.  Digital AND the internet DID change everything.  As little as 15 years ago, if you had a website you were shelling out some bucks.  Domain names were 100s of dollars.  So most "pros", to get their name out there, really had to know their stuff and work their ass off.

Now?  Anybody can throw up a site and feature 20 good photographs.  Under what conditions those images were taken is another story.  THATS were it gets a little concerning to me.

Ok.  The newbie goes to some friends wedding and takes their Rebel and just grabs whatever catches their fancy.  Or they see the hired pro conducting a shot and they grab a quick one from that.  OR, they take a few wedding  photography workshops and get some GREAT images of MODELS dressed up as brides and have all the time in the world to create some nice images under the direction of the teacher.

So now they have a few really nice wedding images and now want to do weddings on their own.  The couple sees all the really nice wedding images and thinks, "Wow.  This photographer is really good." not knowing HOW they created the images.  AND they're only $500!! Woo Hoo!

So now it's the wedding day.  Bride wants really creatively lit and composed shots of her getting ready.  "Hmm, I never shot this before.  Oh well.  I'll just aim my flash and shoot a lot!"  After that, you need to go where the groom and groomsmen are and get shots of them.  "Hmm, didn't do shots like that either.  I just grabbed a few shots at the workshop and my friends wedding.  Oh well."

Cut to doing the portraits.  "Oh good.  I know this.  We did this at the workshop. Oh wait.  Where are the other people to help hold a reflector or a flash?  What?  I only have 30 minutes?  Oh crap! Why did they schedule their wedding  at 1 in the afternoon?  My friends wedding was late in the day."

See where I'm going with this?  The sad thing is, the couple THOUGHT they were getting a really creative and knowledgeable photographer all because they "appeared" to be one.

Yes, I am all for new people coming into the profession.  I welcome them with open arms.  But please, LEARN the craft.  LEARN the business.  Assist for awhile.  Second shoot for awhile.

I went to a great school for professional photography and STILL assisted before setting out on my own.  Even when I got into weddings, I was already an established commercial and portrait photographer yet I still assisted a few weddings, then second shot at least 7 or 8 more times and THEN took on small affairs and worked my way up.

Yes, it is "buyer beware" but these days it is a lot easier to dupe someone into thinking you are something you are not.

My advice to all my brides who think I'm too much is:

'It's better to spend a little more than you wanted than to wish you had later on."

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