Why buy a new Fuji X lens, when you can buy an equivalent fixed lens body for less?

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Re: Why buy a new Fuji X lens, when you can buy an equivalent fixed lens body for less?

Fenwoodian wrote:

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Fenwoodian wrote:

Own a Fuji XE-1. My widest lens is my Fuji 35mm. I've wanted a wider lens for some time now.

I've decided to buy the new Ricoh GR for my wide angle work, rather than a wide Fuji lens. My preferred angle of view is a 28mm lens on 35mm full frame. The Fuji 18mm is not their strongest lens and I don't like pancake lenses.

I was intending to buy the Fuji 23mm f/1.4 lens (35mm equivalent), but the Ricoh GR with 28mm equivalent lens is getting terrific ratings from the reviewers, and it costs less than what I expected the Fuji 23mm lens will cost when it comes out!

Now I'm getting my wide angle capability and a back up body! The only down side is now I'll need to buy some extra Ricoh batteries and other accessories.

What do you think of this plan????

If it's just about price why not just pick up one of those Canon EOS M with 22mm f/2 for $299. I think there's more to it than that.

I'm replying to this

It's not about price at all. I demand the best image possible and insist upon a mirrorless APS-C camera. The IQ of the above Canon EOS is not in the same ballpark as the stuff I'm talking about.

If it really is not about the price, then your demand can currently be met in mirrorless by a Sony RX1r.

I know its a close call but total IQ is not just sharpness. Its also about the ability to get the shot and according to many the Sony is outstanding in low light and general handling.

Everything else is a trade off. It could be argued that an IQ180 back is also mirrorless too.


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