X20 OVF - blurred image during zooming. Is this normal?

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Re: X20 OVF - blurred image during zooming. Is this normal? No.

Trevor G wrote:

I am not an optical expert.

you do not have too. Since  you understand the concept of DOF (which I know you do), you probably know enough about that.

My X20 holds focus at the wide angle setting for objects from 3cm away from the viewfinder front element, to infinity.

At the extreme tele setting, objects need to be at least 1m away to be in focus.

This follows the same sort of experience that I have with camera lenses - at wide angle you can be much closer than you can at tele.

However, you do not need to adjust focus on the dioptre (the only focus mechanism provided with the OVF) except the once, to match your eyes, at any setting of the main lens zoom control.

. I would think the design would make sure the ovf is designed so that the DOF is so large the eye would see everything as focused, unless it is REALLY out of focus. Or am I missing something ?

I am sure you are right - the sstem is designed to offer a very large DOF.

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ok i think we are on the same page. There is no real focus taking place in the OVF; I guess it is based on hyperfocal and good enough fro most people.

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