Any news on a D800 update?

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Re: Any news on a D800 update?

Simon Garrett wrote:

shadowhumper wrote:


I have been saving up money to buy a D800 and, even though, I am a bit far on the goal I wanted to know about rumors of an update for it.
I would hate to buy an D800, spend so much money to have it decrease in value very soon when the new model is present OR find out that the new improved D800 also makes coffee and massages my feet.

thanks in advance.

I understand your fears - it's annoying to buy the latest and greatest, only to find in a couple of days there's something later and greater.

However, the D800 is still out ahead on DXOmark ratings, and I've seen nothing to suggest dramatic improvement likely soon. The D800 is "stable", in the sense that AF and other early bugs now appeared to have been fixed (and none of the D600 sensor oil marks). A D800 replacement is likely to be another 2-3 years IMHO, on past performance. I'd be very surprised to see it replaced within a year.

Even if there were an interim D800s or some such, it would probably have the same sensor and limited enhancements. Features like gps and wifi could be integrated - but there are plenty of solutions now, so probably not a deal-breaker. Anyway, wifi is a bit slow for image upload for D800 raws IMHO (tens of seconds per image), which limits it's use largely to remote control.

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a real replacement is not gonna happen for another 3-5 years, in the mean time there will be a D800s, that could be on the marked anything from 6 mounts to 18 mounts, possibly closer to 18 than 6.

While Wifi and/or gps is a possible feature add the most likely thing is that the main upgrade will buffer upgrade and a slight chance of a minor FPS boost. and perhaps some new video features

I heard a rumour of just doing one model without the aa filter, or the elements that replace the aa filter in the e. should give iq improvement over the e, for the few that can really benefit from this.

Based on history, 800s in march 14 and 900 in march 2016.

As for loss, I would've t wory as a dslr price drops to reflect the age, a new d800 would retail for much more than you can get one for now.

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