Thank you to my new friends here--and prolly farewell, too

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Re: Thank you to my new friends here--and prolly farewell, too

There have been posts on DPR, from time to time, by people getting previously returned items from B&H, Amazon, and other large retailers. Some stores are open about reselling customer returns. I believe B&H and Amazon state that their policy is not to resell returns. However, we'll never know what really goes on at the stores. Perhaps there was a legitimate mixup. Perhaps the customer claimed that the D800E he returned, assuming this is a returned unit, was never opened and B&H believed him after some some inspection and decided to resell the "unopened" unit. What I do know is that over the past 20 years of doing business with B&H I've never found a more legit and honest store. They'll probably send you a shipping label and do a 2 day FedEx for a new D800E on their dime. It seems the real question you are asking has nothing to do with B&H. Your question is whether or not you want to do business with Nikon given their current CS and QA track record. Is Nikon putting parts from returned D800E's back into production ? It's certainly possible. Apple and Dell use parts from returned merchandise for warranty service while Paul Buff is relatively open about using parts from returned strobes in their new products.

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