'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

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Re: 'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

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Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.
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There seems to be an agreement that France needs to be put back on its feet and, if anyone wants to propose a plan in 5 simple steps to achieve that, please, be my guest, detail the plan and if I like it, I'll organise a revolution to carry out that plan.
Realistic plans only please, I'm already working on a revolution in the US, I'm to busy for nonsense.

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veni vidi vomi

1) Hire Berlusconi as president now that Italy no longer appreciates him

2) Save the frogs by switching to chicken legs

3) Start making Champagne in lower cost places like Chile or South Africa

4) Send in the foreign Legion to take over Brussels in a Coupe

5) Ban MacDonalds from the Champs Elysees

6) Oh and last but not least, make English the official language of France

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Doctors are bad for your lifestyle.

Your case of dementia is worse than I thought.

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veni vidi vomi

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