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Re: B&H was fantastic

Water Ouzel wrote:

So, the packaging was pristine. The JPG file name was _DSC0001.

I believe B&H sent me in good faith a "new" camera but that Nikon forgot to reset the shutter count when they shipped this refurb as new. My hypothesis: Maybe Nikon is swimming in refurbs. And their repair facility is famous for neglect. I qotta wonder if their volume of refurbs is forcing them to send them out as new, but some characteristically inattentive tech neglected the shutter count.

Another thread referenced Monty Python, "Run away, quickly." It's really theatre of the absurd, as I see it, trying to believe in Nikon at this point.


does the camera work, is it in good condition, and does it have the full factory warranty?  if so, who cares?  maybe they put it though a bunch of test fires at the factory.  you are protected under the warranty, and i dont think ive ever met anyone who actually exceeded the shutter life of a dslr.

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