Looking back on the Canon Pro1: One heck of a camera!

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Re: Looking back on the Canon Pro1: One heck of a camera!

Marco Nero wrote:

I've just re-edited some photographs from the old Canon PowerShot Pro1 which I took whilst on vacation in Canada and Hawaii. Handheld, taken in JPEG and edited this week, they were taken whilst I was there in 2004, the same year I bought the Pro1. I think I used to use a Monopod with this camera because it really didn't handle high ISO very well and it had no Image Stabilizer.
I'm not going to lament the discontinuation of this camera since the G1X is by far a shoe-in for the Pro1 successor. But in daylight, or on a tripod in low light, this older model camera was capable of gorgeous results.

Gonna miss you! Some lucky Ebayer did well when I sold my Pro1 in 2010. I am more than pleased with the results coming from the G1X these days so it's a bearable loss. The tiny LCD screen on the Pro1 and the uselessness of images taken at over 200 ISO will not be remembered fondly. Anyone else miss their Pro1? What are you using now if you've shelved or sold yours?

Turquoise Waves on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - (CP used)

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Marco Nero.

Marco, gorgeous pictures  seen thru the eye of one very talented photog!   I LOVE this photo!  I want to be you when I grow up (and half dozen other talented photographers in this forum <g>)  If I could find something similar for sale, I'd buy it and hang it in my bathroom. I know this isn't the Caribbean but you can see the same beautiful waters there.  Beaches may be whiter in the Caribbean tho.  These are the colors that inspired my master bath remodel in 2007 after a couple cruises there and is still my favorite color combination.  Thank for taking the time to share these.  The blue "Sea Toned" tiles are actually a bit more saturated than in this pictrure.

Caribbean Sea Inspired Master Bath Remodel

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