6D stolen feeling very glum

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Re: 6D stolen feeling very glum

bodtwo wrote:

My new 6d was stolen last night, along with lenses and filters. They also took my GX1 and my Pentax optio for swimming with the fishes pictures.

Waiting on police report and insurance assessor now.

Feeling very sad about this as I'd really enjoyed my few weeks with this camera. I know odd thing to share, but to share with a group of people who can relate makes it that tiny bit better.

Lock your doors, watch your stuff and love your loved ones.


I'm building a location cart for lighting and my now 50-60 pound camera bag. Of course the "location" tends to be inner city rustic with a down on their luck element. I'm pretty concerned the cart is going to make a grab and dash look all to easy.

I'm looking to add spring brakes and sirens that trip if someone lifts the bag or rolls the cart. Of course the dark side will be if the cart bounces on the RR tracks or cobble stone and locks up prematurely.

As long as the activation mechanism is hidden in a way I can activate it without anyone noticing it should work well.

Once upon a time I had a chopped Harley I said you could have if you could start it. No one ever tried to steal it but several asked for a go at starting it. It always started first kick for me and the record dunce worked on it for 45 minutes. The lack of an electric starter limited most attempts to a few minutes but that hidden kill switch kept it all entertaining. By the time the gave up they were more than happy to walk away.

Of course keys on a hook that match the make and model but don't start the car are a nice alarm trip that no one has to remember to arm because you just leave it on.

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