SLRGear: 80-400mm review

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Re: Maybe yes - maybe no

The 1/focal length 'rule' was more to do with the amount of blur that was visible on a standard sized print from normal viewing distances, but it is true that 10 or 12 mp cameras tended to mask camera shake even when viewed much closer than that on screen.

The 'rules' for safe shutter speed and depth of field both go out of the window when pixel peeping and it is certainly a good reflection on current VR and AF systems that we can get anything resembling a sharp image when viewed at those magnifications.

It has never been more true that a genuinely sharp image is better achieved by removing camera shake than by compensating for it. What a shame Nikon didn't seem to understand that when they designed the 80-400 with such a flimsy tripod foot.
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