LR backup; ok to skip Previews.lrdata folders?

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Re: LR backup; ok to skip Previews.lrdata folders?

DotCom Editor wrote:

I maintain five copies of everything. All files from all applications on all my computers get back up to several separate Network Attached Storage devices that, in turn, are backups of each other. And another copy of everything is stored (that's stored, not backed up) to a cloud service.

In the interest of carving some time from my multiple daily backup routines, is it enough to back up only the Catalog.lrcat file, which contains all the metadata and edits -- and skip Previews.lrdata?

If I understand correctly, the Previews.lrdata folder and its subfolders contain only image previews, which are non-critical and can rebuilt at any time. It would be an inconvenience, but nothing more than that.

Furthermore, if I look in LR's own Backups folder, only Catalog.lrcat is backed up.

See below for definitions of content and what is where.




I think the general answer is yes - the .lrdata directories are essentially directories that LR can rebuild from the source images and the catalog. Having said that, I do not know what the "....and data" is for .lrdata under Windows. I run on Mac and my .lrdata directories are only previews.

Don't forget backup also your preferences and presets.

Lens profiles you have downloaded or created are stored under ACR directories, but if you have any then it is better you Google to find where that actually is with your current LR version, ACR version, and OS version as I do not think they are necessarily in one tidy place and I think there may be some buggy behaviour in LR5. See this thread:

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