Thank you to my new friends here--and prolly farewell, too

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Re: Thank you to my new friends here--and prolly farewell, too

Fortunately you bought it from B&H. I'm sure a simple call to them will solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Water Ouzel wrote:

Just opened my brand new D800e from B&H.

Took two pics in JPG.

Ran it through exiftool on my Mac and my jaw dropped:

Bradleys-MacBook:~obb$ exiftool /Users/obb/Pictures/shutter1.jpg | grep "Shutter"

Flash Shutter Speed : 1/60 s

Shutter Count : 2744 <--------------------------

Shutter Speed : 1/5


I did run exiftool on my second pic. Reports Shutter Count of 2745, so incremented by 1 as one would expect.

Is there something wrong with my methodology, or is there crap in River City?

With all I've seen on Nikon QA and customer support, I'm ready to return the whole package (Sigma 35mm lens) and re-lay the foundation on a 5D3, contrast, lower DR, and all. Mein Gott, the shining Exmor sensor on the altar, and absolute crap behind the curtain.

Or is my overexercise unfounded? I'm inclined to see more validity in exiftool than in Nikon just now.

Any moderating thoughts?

Thanks, Brad

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