Lightroom 5 Martin Evening book ---$52

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Re: Lightroom 5 Martin Evening book ---$52

Buzzzman wrote:

Anyone else notice that Martin Evening's Lightroom 4 book sold for around $32 and the Lightroom 5 book is $52...(at Kelby's Lightroom 5 book is $42, which is about $10 more than his Lightroom 4 book...

I can remember going to Borders and Barnes and Noble, and seeing rows and rows of books on Photoshop. Nowadays Barnes and Noble only carries a few Photoshop books, and Borders is gone.. I am sure he availability of free tutorials on the internet has affected book sales, and jacking up the cost of books, will lead to even less sales of books.

I know , I won't pay that much...

.. Buzz

I noticed it right away.... That's why I am not purchasing the new book.... like throwing money away.

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