Nikon D5100 vs. Olympus OMD

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Re: Large lenses and bad video

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Please bear with me as I obsess over which camera to buy.

First my stated needs: I want a camera to be a general carry around type camera where much of the shooting conditions will be less then ideal lighting and/or my kids in motion. I currently own a Nikon D70s (admittedly getting long in the tooth) and found it to be a bit large to bring to restaurants or carrying around Disney World. Its a good camera but a bit larger and heavier then I want.

I own a Nikon V1, I found while the size is awesome, the noise performance at 800 to be less then ideal and at 1600 to be poor. The DOF and dynamic range is a sacrifice as well but one that I can live with (I do miss having some beautiful bokeh though)

I have an Olympus OMD EM-5 reserved at my local camera shop but looking at some of the lenses that I can get 12-50mm (rather huge) and the 14-40mm (a bit smaller), I may not be saving that much in terms of weight and size. True I can buy some fast primes which I may do. I current use a 10mm (effective 27mm) on my V1 and love it. Its tiny and the prime some good work.

As I ponder the price and performance of the OM-D EM-5, I start wondering if I want to reconsider getting a newer DSLR, such as the D5100 from nikon.

Thoughts for or against the Micro 4/3 vs. the DSLR on my stated needs.

Yes, I tend to over think things so please have mercy on me

...Given that, and that the D5100 should give you better IQ, and has many more lenses in all price ranges, I would get the D5100. For the price of the OM-D kit, you could get the D5100 and a the wonderful 35 1.8 DX or if you like wide angles, the superb Tokina 11-16 2.8.

Sorry guys and gals, I think this is a no brainer.

If you want really large lenses, a big heavy camera body, and poor video, it is a no brainer.
Check out all the Nikon owners who are selling their DSLRs for the EM5.

The IQ is as good as any camera, there is a larger selection of lenses (in fact you can use MORE lenses on the EM5 than the Nikon because it cannot properly adapt legacy lenses), and most importantly the Nikon lacks IBIS. The EM5 happens to have 5 axis IBIS, which if you check out the reviews, is amazing.

As for video only the Sony SLTs can compete with CDAF cameras for video. The Nikon has noisy, very slow (for video) lenses that can't keep up with any movement. The EM5 has a choice of lenses made specifically for video and images.

The last respondent is talking nonsense and is suggesting you base a decision purely on reviews. I a professional photographer, I currently have a high end Nikon SLR and an OMD with all the accessories. My intension was to road test the OMD with a view to sell the Nikon.

Despite what the reviews say about the autofocus system being the fastest etc its not as accurate as my Nikon which in its basic form was a similar cost. To criticise Nikons using the words noise and range of lenses is ridiculous to anyone whom has any real knowledge of photography. I can tell anyone in the situation of the original posting, an electronic viewfinder is a major compromise particularly if you shoot in low light with flash as the screen and the viewfinder simply goes black you cant see a blasted thing. The OMD and the lenses are without doubt smaller and lighter than any APC SLR camera, but I can no longer put up with an auto focus system that is unreliable, lenses that are slow,a poor quality viewfinder and a generally slow camera to use. The OMD is great for someone who take general everyday family and possibly holiday snaps, but if you are a keen photographer who wants to take images of animals, or high contrast situations or want to capture images quickly you WILL NOT do it with an OMD. Its a nice Niche camera but not up to the job mine is for sale by the way.

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